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Three principles on the storage of goods
Time:2016/9/26 16:48:01
     Storage, is everyone needs to do, why do you say so? Because you do not receive, your living environment has become very messy, become very bad, the use of a variety of storage barrel is very necessary, here to talk about the three principles of storage items.
1 principles of the purchase and storage of goods: materials close to the color of unity, size in advance to consider
Materials: in terms of materials, we should try to choose clean, safe and environmentally friendly natural materials. In addition, the purchase of materials can be used similar principles, such as cloth products, rattan boxes, suitable for holding clothes.
Color: unless it is used for decoration or classification of items, or color is redundant information. We should try to choose "no color, such as white, transparent, wood color, gray, the color sense is very low. Second, we choose the color of the storage items, should be the color of furniture, the family of the main colors of unity. Special reminder, the color of the uniform, can make the wardrobe instantly refreshing.
Size: do not measure the size of the case, do not easily buy storage tools.
2 finishing in the former, in the post, storage of the starting point, is your inventory of goods.
3 boxes, bags, bags, disk these four things is the wrong storage tool, will only make your home more and more chaos. For example, the storage box, their function is the storage items, rather than receive, because he is not convenient to take.
Instoragebarrels like this or need to buy together, a small instoragebarrels friend's home can buy some cartoon images, or other the same color and shape, it will look more attractive.


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