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Admission to do good, home more perfect
Time:2016/9/26 16:47:41
    Don't want to clean up the mess, then don't mess ah, you can choose to receive tools convenient ah, instoragebarrels placed a large number of items, to wash the dirty clothes can be directly thrown into the storage basket, is not very convenient.
Your home is always a mess, I do not know you are too lazy or too small space, always not good enough to organize the things you love. In a compact house, only to play their own creativity, to find their own house for the storage needs, spicy Yao you house value will be doubled.
Living space under the bed
Know your circle around the bed filled with various items, but also put a lot of shoes under the bed! But this is not a thing, you need to know some of the bed with a drawer, a bed board and a shelf it.
Under the stairs "
The space under the stairs with two smart storage techniques, staircase itself, such as storage drawer, but this option is to spend money. Space using the corner of the stairs space or embarrassing to customize their storage.
Plastic storage box
Features: with cover (with seal), belt wheel, cable set (space) to acid and alkali resistance, oil, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to clean, convenient, neatly stacked turnover parts, easy to manage.
In addition to the use of holding tools, you can also use the space, I found the room is too small, it redefines the concept of their own bedroom now, perhaps can also design a cloakroom to it, put on a storage box, home is very clean and tidy.

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