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How would you buy and use the storage tools?
Time:2016/9/26 16:46:33
    With the continuous development of science and technology, storage tools are becoming more and more lightweight and beautiful, and various types of storage tools, you will be how to buy it? This should be a professional storage barrel manufacturers to talk about the.
First, underwear or cosmetics containing - bamboo charcoal underwear storage box
Bamboo charcoal cloth box, with more moisture, antibacterial effect than the general non-woven box, let you say goodbye the camphor smell and dust troubles, can protect the health, health underwear, which belongs to the Mercure storage product series. Use it to receive underwear or cosmetics to make it neatly placed. Transparent visual film can clearly see the box items, with zipper design better airtight.
Two, commonly used in the level of clothing storage - storage box three sets
The daily use of small objects to find them always let people have a headache, they would be under pressure in the large clothing, tucked away. Storage box two sets of small objects can be placed in the home, to achieve a very good storage effect. It can be hung in the closet or in the bedroom, in the full use of space, has a certain decorative effect, without you to find small objects and carry off all that one has.
Three, office desk / desk storage - lucky grass storage basket
When it comes to desktop to let a person heart unhappy, because the child is always misplacing and criticized because of stationery. A look at the other bus storage box, which consists of two storage box, small box car heads and carriage shape with a lid of a large storage box, pen, pencil, eraser, what correction fluid is thrown!
Four, clothing storage - the home storage box
This large capacity ultra large space design, color warm and lovely. To facilitate you to collect a variety of clothes, quilts, quilts and other items, while making full use of space, but also has a certain decorative effect.
Five, underwear and socks storage - sub case finishing box
Everyone has a variety of stockings, socks, socks, cotton gloves, these you have to sort up? This needs to be sorted out box to help. The material is a non-woven fabric, with environmental protection, through special treatment, dustproof, antibacterial, deodorant, let you rest assured that the use and convenient use.
Six, dirty clothes storage - dirty clothes basket
Some change of clothes, put in the washing machine, there will be a smell and is temporarily stored in this dirty clothes basket, lovely, generous and practical convenience. The cloth barrel has elastic steel wire ring, a high-quality pure cotton cloth, cover with zipper, mildew, dust. Can be used to receive a small baby toys and debris, can also be used as a dirty bucket, a lot of oh! And its beautiful appearance, making it in the home is not only practical and stylish, can be called the home of a landscape. At the same time it is space magician, can fold up a little does not occupy space.
Storage basket classification can be really much ah, in the decoration before the need to take into account this aspect, with the longer living time, things will become more and more, then the storage tool can be put in use.


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